Video Technology and Law Enforcement or Domestic Relations

I am a supporter of equipping law enforcement officers with video cameras, either on their bodies (body-cam) or vehicles (dash-cam) or ideally both. Most law enforcement folks I have spoken with agree with me. There is no better way to find out the truth of a situation than to have actual video evidence, and not to have to rely on a “he said; she said” scenario.

Today’s dash-cams are pretty amazing, showing GPS coordinates as well as the speed of the vehicle, whether accelerator or braking is being applied, whether emergency lights are on or off, as well as the audio and video of an encounter with an accused person.
When video exists, it is always our policy to obtain the video and use it either to our clients’ advantage in court or to facilitate a settlement of the case outside of court.

A recent news story that I read shows that video evidence can be useful in domestic relations situations as well. A woman was caught on tape punching a man with whom she was having a custody dispute in the groin, then challenging him to call the police, and that she would claim that he attacked her. Instead, she found herself under arrest for the assault on his person.

We live in a new era of technology, and we at Skier & Associates are equipped and prepared to handle the new changes, and use them to the benefit of our clients.

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