Prosecutorial Misconduct — It it a Thing?

A recent article got me thinking about the issue of prosecutorial misconduct and whether it has been an issue in my work.

As a person who prosecuted cases for over 3 years, I take it as an affront when a prosecutor abuses his power. That person is nothing more than a street thug, but instead of guns and knives, their weapon is the authority of the government.

That being said, I can’t recall any instances of prosecutorial misconduct in any of my cases. To be sure, there are prosecutors that “play games” or who are obtuse for the purpose of being obtuse, but nearly every prosecutor I have encountered has been a professional who takes their job (and its power) seriously.

I personally know nearly every elected DA in the areas in which I practice and I know with 100% certainty that I could talk to them about any problems I had with their Deputies.

Prosecutorial misconduct is surely a thing, but fortunately it has not been a problem for any of my clients, to the best of my knowledge.

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