Andrew Skier Quoted in Wall Street Journal Article About Identity Theft

I was recently contacted by a reporter from the Wall Street Journal who was working on a story about inmates in state prisons having their identities stolen while they are incarcerated. I was quoted in his article and there is a brief discussion of United States v. Bryant Thompson, a case I tried in the Federal Court for the Middle District of Alabama a little over a year ago.

Identity theft causes problems for the inmates because it adds one more obstacle to overcome in making their transition to the free world. My main point during the trial and in the article is that the Alabama Department of Corrections is negligent in the way they protect the PII (Personal Identifying Information) of the prisoners they are supposed to be caring for.

At Skier & Associates we are experienced in helping people who have had their identities stolen as well as representing those accused of Identity Theft in both State and Federal courts.

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