Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles Update – April, 2017

Many people come to this page looking for information about Alabama’s Pardon and Parole Board. From time to time we like to update the Board’s situation and what it means for those appearing before the board on a Parole Hearing, or petitioning the Board for a Pardon.

Read on to hear about some dramatic changes to the Board’s structure, and a report on the current state of hearing delay.

Changes have been afoot at the Parole Board. Two long-time members of the Board have retired and one has been permanently replaced. As of this writing, parole hearings and pardon hearings are being held with only two members present, instead of the usual three. We understand that interviews have taken place and that the Governor will be appointing a third member to the Board in the coming days. We have been very happy with the judicial appointments made by this Governor, so we are hopeful that a good, qualified candidate will emerge as the nominee.

Unfortunately, delays in obtaining hearings before the Board persist. If you were to apply for a pardon today, you could expect to wait between 3-5 years before having a hearing. Parole hearings are delayed, although they do seem to be making some progress on their backlog of cases. Much of the backlog is due to the volume of cases the board hears, but there are also inefficiencies in the way cases must be processed that cause further delay. The law requires that every procedural requirement be met for the Board’s actions to be valid, and the laws are sometimes arcane and pointless.

Feel free to call Skier & Associates with any questions you may have about the Pardon and Parole Board. We will be happy to schedule a consultation to address any concerns you may have about a Board appearance.

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